Hittade en rolig enkät på nätet om förnedring, slaven besvarade den. Varsågod Herre…

Who you’ve fantasised about humiliating you? Pick one or more options from the list below:

1. Your Owner

3. Someone with power over you (police, soldier, doctor, teacher, boss, relation, friend, bully)

5. Someone you owe money or favour

7. Someone who you need something from

8. Any man or woman who your Owner lends you to

10. Your blackmailer

12.Your rapist

14. Your abductor

16. Anyone higher than you in the slave hierarchy

At what age did you have your first humiliation experience or realise that humiliation made you wet? Just need a number here  Vet inte riktigt, men tidigt! Har alltid funnits med i slavens sexfantasier på ett eller annat sätt.

II List of Humiliations

Indicate what numbers in this list turn you on. Add exclamation marks (!) if it makes your face glow red and your cunt drip uncontrollably.

1. Being Controlled / Owned

1.  Being ordered around

3.  Being made to perform tasks !

5.  Being denied orgasm Det är inte förnedrande för slaven

6.  Not being permitted to wear panties

7.  Not being permitted to wear a bra

8.  Being told what clothes to wear every day

10.  Having to be naked in the house !

12.  Being told what you are allowed to eat

13.  Being told when and where you can sleep

14.  Having to eat off the floor

15.  Having to crawl on all fours

16.  Having to ask before you can go pee

17.  Having to pee outside!

19.  Having to wear a collar to show that you’re owned Det här är inte förnedrande

20.  Being tattooed to show you’re owned

22.  Having to answer any questions from your owner fully and honestly Inte förnedrande

2. Being put on display

1.  Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes at home

2.  Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes in public

4.  Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes at work

5.  Having to bare your tits, ass or cunt in a public place

6.  Being made to dress in a costume for him (schoolgirl, maid, etc)

7.  Being stripped naked in front of people your Owner invites round

8.  Being made to masturbate in front of people your Owner invites round

9.  Having pictures of you posted onto the web

11.  Being put on display as a whore in a shop window 

3. Being treated as a sex object

1.  Being casually groped by your Owner whenever s/he wants

2.  Being groped in public by your Owner

3.  Being groped in public by a complete stranger

4.  Being treated as nothing but a set of holes!

5.  Being treated as nothing more than a pair of big tits

6.  Being fucked as hard and as roughly as possible

7.  Having to take it up your ass

8.  Having to take it down your throat

9.  Being slapped across your face with his hard cock

10.  Being used as a cumbucket or cumrag

11.  Being gang-banged

12.  Being whored out

13.  Being used as a party favour

14.  Being used in a glory hole or adult theatre

16.  Being raped

4. Being verbally degraded

1.  Being talked to in a condescending manner

3.  Being talked to in a rude and arrogant fashion

4.  Being called dirty

5.  Being called a slut

6.  Being called a whore

8.  Being called worthless

10.  Being called stupid

11.  Being called a cunt

12.  Being called a bitch 

14.  Being called a pig

16. 16.  Being called a cow

17.  Being talked about to others

18.  Being talked about to others as if you’re not there

19.  Having any of the above names written on your body

20.  Making you agree with and repeat back the names you are being called

5. Being physically hurt

1.  Having your hair pulled

2.  Having your face slapped

3.  Having your tits slapped

4.  Having your cunt slapped!

5.  Having your nipples pinched or clamped

6.  Being bent over and having your ass spanked

6. Being disciplined

1.  Being castigated for doing something incorrectly

2.  Being scolded like a naughty girl

4.  Having to write lines

5.  Having to stand in the corner

6.  Being made to apologise for your behaviour

7.  Having to bare your bottom, bend over and wait for your punishment

8.  Having to count out each spank or stroke as it lands on your bottom

9.  Having to stand in the corner with your red punished ass on display

7. Being treated as unimportant

1.  Having your views mocked, belittled or ignored

3.  Having your feelings mocked, belittled or ignored

5.  Having your time deliberately wasted

7.  Being ignored altogether

9.  Treating your work or career as trivial or unimportant

11. 11.  Him reminding you of your feminist beliefs as he orders you around like a maid

12.  Having your needs ignored in favour of your Owner’s

14.  Being told your only purpose in life is to serve your Owner !

8. Having your orgasm controlled

1.  Having to ask permission before you can cum

3. 3.  Being restricted to humping household objects as your only means of cumming.

5.  Being made to edge throughtout the day to keep your cunt wet and ready!

7.  Having to ask permission to touch your cunt!

9.  Being locked in a chastity belt!

11.  Being denied orgasm for days or weeks or months at a time (specify length) vet inte hur länge men det känns upphetsande att tänka på

13.  Only getting cock in your mouth or ass !

9. Being shamed about your body

1.  Being told you’re too fat

2.  Being told your tits are too small

3.  Being told you’re ugly

4.  Being inspected and having your flaws pointed out to you

6. 6.  Being compared to other women and told how you fail to measure up

10. Physical Constraints as a means of humiliation

1.  Having your hands cuffed behind your back

3.  Being kept in chains!

5.  Being gagged to stop you talking!

7.  Being gagged with an O-ring so your mouth and throat can be fucked!

9.  Being tied up naked with your legs spread so you can be used at will!

11.  Being kept locked up in a cage when you’re not in use!

11. Making you do demeaning and disgusting things

1.   Being spat on

3.   Making you piss yourself

4.   Being pissed on or in

5.   Having to swallow your Owner’s piss

6.   Having piss in or over your food

7.   Having cum in or over your food

8.   Having you go out in public with cum over your face

9.   Having you spend the day with cum in your bra and panties

10.   Being gagged with your used panties

12.   Being fucked with a paper bag over your head

14. 14.   Being fucked with your used panties over your head

16.   Being fucked with your head in the toilet

17.   Making you lick the toilet seat clean

19. 19.   Making you hump the toilet

21.   Having your Owner sit on your face

23. 23.   Having a toilet brush shoved up your cunt or asshole to clean it

24.   Making you lick his/her shoes clean

25.   Making you lovingly lick and kiss your Owners feet and toes

26.   Being hosed down like an animal

27.   Being made to lie in mud

29.   Being made to spend the night in the barn haha den här är rolig…var är ladan?

12. Controlling your other relationships 

1.  Having your private life discussed with family, friends or work colleagues

2.  Having intimate pictures of you shown to family, friends or work colleagues

4. 4.  Making you have sex with your friends or work colleagues

6.  Making you help arrange sex for your Owner with family, friends or work colleagues

8. 8. Giving him/her access to all your computer accounts – email, facebook, blogs

13. Raceplay

1.  Having your race treated as inferior

2.  Being made to fuck other races who you wouldn’t normally

4. 4.  Being called racially insulting names

14. Gender play as humiliation

1.  Making you have sex with a woman if you’re straight

3. 3.  Making you have sex with a man if you’re a lesbian

4.  Treating all women as inferior to men

15. Your position in your relationship

1.  Letting your Owner have sex with other women

3. 3.  Having to watch or listen to him/her have sex with another

4.  Being denied sex while your Owner has as much sex as they want

6. 6.  Being told by your Owner how much more s/he enjoys sex with the other woman

7.  Having to move into the spare room because his lover is now in your room

9. 9.  Having to clean his lover’s home as well as yours

11.  Having to buy her clothes, gifts and jewellery

13. 13.  Having to clean her cunt and his cock with your mouth after they’ve made love

14.  Being humiliated by your Owner’s lover for being inferior to her

16. 16.  Not even having a Owner: you’re just the live-in maid for another couple

16. Generic Humiliation

1.  Being laughed at

2.  Being told by your owner what s/he intends doing to you next!

3.  Being told that making you feel mortified makes his cock hard!

4.  Having to beg him for something you need or want

5.  Having to beg him _not_ to make you do something you don’t want to do

6.  Being humiliated to tears

7.  Being encouraged to cry because it turns your Owner on

8.  Having to thank you the person after they’ve hurt or used you

10.  Having to say sorry to your Owner even when it’s not your fault

11. Being taunted because your cunt gets wet when you are humiliated


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