Ett citat från Slaven tyckte svaret lät så fint, som ett så naturligt förhållande…

Q5: With your professional life and career do you find that you must set aside time to be active in your D/s, or do the protocols & rituals add that underlying sense of D/s throughout the day?

As for Daily Protocol and Etiquette, we live in a 24/7 Master-slave Relationship. There is no “off state.” Even when having dinner with parents, etc, we are merely in “Drop Role” state which means no external expressions of D/s when the Vanilla relatives are present…. but we are STILL 100% Master and slave even then. At a dinner party for example, when we are in Drop Role I can still whisper into her ear a certain command and she will obey as appropriate. Overtly during DropRole I can openly ask her with all due “vanilla” politeness to perform some reasonable task or get me a certain item and I know that request will be fulfilled promptly. People (vanillas) observing will only see “how well coordinated that couple seems to be” and are usually pleased to see that without the slightest idea of the D/s behind it all.

However during Drop Role she does not call me “Master” out loud nor ask aloud certain specifically kinky requests, and this is permitted ONLY during the Drop Role state. As soon as we leave the Drop Role environment (e.g. return to our normal daily 24/7 D/s upon leaving the parent’s home) she is expected to perform in accordance with her training, with whatever protocols are active or have been assigned, and maintain all current micro-rituals as appropriate.


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